Hey guys! I am back with another spoiler-free book review. I hope you like it.


Sushil: A successful writer and an engineer from a middle-class family

Anjali: A gorgeous and smart girl. Anyone can fall in love at the first sight of her.

Aashish: Sushil’s best friend, who loves Anjali one-sided.

Anuradha: A journalism student and doing research on writer

Sushil Pandit is a mechanical engineer. He is also an author of two bestselling novels. Now, he has everything in life, except his love, Anjali. Love is a blissful and everyone has to experience it once in a lifetime. Love makes life lively and also give a reason to live. There was a time when these two lovebirds were an example of two bodies, one soul. But a turning point in their lives sets them apart, with their soul still united and strong. Experience a roller coaster of emotions in this story. Find out how Sushil changed into a successful person from an ordinary boy.


Name- You Are the best thing That Happened to Me

Author- Sushil Kumar Rana

Genre- Fiction/Romance/Coming of Age

Pages- 207

Ratings- 3⭐/5⭐

The starts when Sushil attends an award ceremony and on his way home he meets a journalist who is curious about his story. Sushil narrates the whole story to her. The story is a simple and sweet tale of two teenagers falling in love. The language is not complex and easy to follow. There are some errors in the book which might catch your attention. The descriptions of character and places in the book are very good. The plot is simple with a plot twist in the end ofcourse. The cover of the book is a beautiful one. The book is a quick read and I will recommend it to beginners and to anyone who reads light romance books.


Sushil Kumar Rana is a Mechanical Engineer work in an MNC company in Odisha. He was born and brought up in Bolangir District, Odisha. He has contributed in Rainbow of Womanhood& “Twisted Tales” anthologies. He is the author of “In Search of Happiness ” anthology. Currently working on his second novel based on crime thriller. Apart from writing, reading and book reviewing, he is a music and movie geek. He currently resides in Sambhalpur District.


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That is it for today guys! Thanks to the author for sending me a review copy of the book. Until next time, happy reading!


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