Hey guys! I am back with another spoiler free book review. Let’s get started…

Name- Faith’s Eternal Sunshine

Author- Aashish Gupta

Genre- Fiction

Pages- 175

Format- ebook

Ratings- 3.5⭐/5⭐


Manjiri, a devout atheist, is meeting her friend Manu after 20 years. Their conversation soon turns into an argument over God’s existence, and its nature. What seemed to be a harmless debate becomes Manjiri’s worst nightmare when she is trapped by Manu in a cell. Are Manu’s intentions malign or is this some weird test of faith? Take a seat, buckle your belt, as you set yourself on the world’s most claustrophobic, yet enlightening, journey of Manjiri. Be prepared to see life in a radically different way with this bold, edge of the seat thriller.

My Review

The first thing this book deserves is appreciation for being absolutely unique. I have never read a book like this. The plot of the book is very innovative and skillfully constructed. The characters are well developed and well spoken. One can easily relate to them. The book is short. I devoured it in a single sitting. The language used is easy-going. The author has used the right words to beautify the story. The book is a roller coaster ride. It has both its ups and lows. The reader is kept in enough suspense to feel the right amount of tension like you feel at the peak of a roller coaster before coming down. The book also satisfies the reader in the end. The only thing that I felt disappointing was the arrangement of the book. It does become a bit messy for me at some places. Otherwise, the book is carefully written. It is full of philosophically great quotes some of which are included in this post. The title completely goes with the book. The cover is significant with the incidents in the book.

The book deals with the sensitive issues which questions one’s believes in multiple aspects. The book makes you think about relevancy of many things in your life. This book was worth reading for me. It can turn out as a slow paced book for beginners or people who specifically do not like reading non- fiction. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a short read. If you are finding a book that is different from your usual fiction novels, this is the book for you.

Trigger Warning- This book contains scenes of sexual assault.

Quotes from the book

“Never accept defeat. Accept fatigue. And rest.”

“Only the mad knows the joy of madness.”

“You see, there is always something in nothingness- sometimes best of the treasures.”

“It was ironic how tears could express more happiness than a smile and how one could bury the darkest sorrow im the wells of laughter.”

“Lift the veil from what is hidden, Cover all that which glows and glistens See not what really happened, Find things that were waiting to happen Only then will you see the beauty of it all Disguised as troubles, the miracles so small.”

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That is it for today. I hoped you liked the review. Until next time, happy reading😊.


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