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Our Love Story -Book Review

Hello everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day!How are ya’ll doing? I am back with another spoiler free book review. The book I am reviewing today is my second book by the author. I loved the first book a lot and had high expectations from this one too. Let’s see what I found in the book.

Name- Our Love Story

Author- Rohit Sharma

Genre- Romance/Fiction

Pages- 300

Format- Paperback

My Rating- 3.25⭐/5⭐

My Review

I read the thriller ‘Love of My Life’ written by Rohit Sharma previously. It was an amazing read. Our Love Story has a completely different genre but the author did an amazing job writing it. The cover of the book is beautiful and the title suits the content inside perfectly. The language used is refined. The book starts off with Veronica Jacob, the female protagonist trying to end her life during which she is disturbed, rightly so by the male protagonist, Aditya Bakshi. The story progresses with their interaction and Veronica’s new hopeful life. The format of the book is nice. The chapters are divided according to different timelines the story is set in. The story is plot driven. Personally, I like character driven stories more but this specific book doesn’t have a lot of characters so, plot driven story was more appropriate. The first half of the book is a bit slow compared to the second half of the book. I was hooked to story as soon as I started reading the prologue but the story became a bit overstretched after first 50 pages. It picked up pace again after the revelation of the secret talked about in the blurb which I liked a lot. In the end there is a cameo by the protagonist of ‘Love of My Life’ which made me really happy and shout out loud. Overall, it is a nice story. The book will give you hope and happiness. It will be a delight to read for people who dig romance and love Bollywood. I would recommend it to everyone who is looking for a love story filled with raw emotions.

Book Blurb

Veronica is done. Done trying to make it as a model. Done with getting sexually harassed by casting directors. And done seeing her mother struggle to provide for her family. Tonight, everything ends. She teeters over the edge of the parapet, imagining how the Cold water of the Arabian sea will take her breath away when she drowns. And then, she is stopped. By a man with an endearing smile and a guitar strapped to his back. Enter Aditya Bakshi. Aditya is the son of a filthy rich business tycoon, who lives each day like it’s his last. He seems to have it all, but behind his happy-go-lucky persona, he is hiding a painful secret. Both feel that they can’t be together. But will that stop them from falling in love? Our love story is a sensitive, romantic, and motivating story about selfless love and intricate relationships inspiring tale of love and heartbreak, hope and hopelessness, friendship and hatred, smiles and tears.

About the Author

Rohit Sharma is a writer, motivational speaker, and bestselling author. His debut romantic-thriller, Te Amo. I Love You, was released in December 2012, and was an instant hit. It has also been translated in Hindi by him. His second book, 12 Hours—an anthology of twelve engrossing short stories which he co-authored with Mahi Singla—was released in September 2013, and was widely appreciated by the media and the readers of all ages. After working on two completely different genres, he once again picked up the challenging genre of a dark, suspense thriller, with a flavour of romance and patriotism, and released his third book, Love of My Life, in 2018, which garnered praise from readers and reviewers. Born in Amritsar, and brought up in NCR, Rohit has written some of the most-read articles for FilterCopy. Apart from being a Gold-Medalist in Engineering (Honours) and getting inducted into the Hall of Fame of his college, Rohit successfully represented his college at various dancing and sketching competitions. Our Love Story is his fourth fiction book, in which he has touched yet another essence of romance fiction.

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That’s it for today guys! I hope you liked the review. Until next time, happy reading!😊

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Guest Post by Author Mukhpreet Khurana – Digital Book Tour

Hello everyone! I am here with a very special post today. I am delighted to be able to bring you a guest post from the talented author of Unlocked Silences and Ease, Mukhpreet Khurana. Let’s enjoy it.

Poetry by Mukhpreet Khurana


I somehow have come to wonder if we were, at some point of time, orthodox enough to not give ourselves a second chance at living the way we always wanted to.


We are all somehow smudged words and backspaced sentences. We are all somehow hesitancy and

closure, all the same.

We are all redefined insanity sometimes and sometimes,

we are poetry under starry skies.


We are all bandages to our own inferiorities, we are strengths to our own vulnerabilities. All I have ever known of recovery

in its true sense, is that everything

and everyone heal if you allow them to.

About the Author

Mukhpreet finds his meditation in poetry. He is a believer and practitioner of humanity and gratitude. He is a motivational speaker and is a budding entrepreneur alongside being a poet. You won’t be surprised to see him sitting with a cup of coffee, a journal, a laptop and some poetry to brew. He feasts on conversations, and is an empathetic listener.

He is spiritual, is spontaneous in wit and in humour. He is a mentor for budding writers, is an extrovert and is a networking bee. He believes all positive is not negative for a reason and all negative is not positive for a reason, too. He has a thing for handwritten letters and he makes sure to write out a bunch of them every month.

He already has a book published titled Unlocked Silences to his name. The book takes a poetic trip down the lanes of self love and self-awareness.

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Twitter- @khuranajee


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That’s it for today guys! I hope you liked the post. A big thanks to the author for writing it. You can read my review of Ease in my previous post. Until next time, happy reading!😊

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All the Pretty Girls :Book Review

Hello guys! I hope you are all doing well. I am back with another spoiler free book review. Let’s get into it.

Name- All the Pretty Girls

Author- Saurab Kumar

Genre- Fiction

Format- Ebook

Pages- 170

My Rating- 4⭐/5⭐

My Review

The story is about a young journalist, Ifran Khan, an immigrant from India finding his footing in the world of news in America. He is handled his first independent story to cover, the story of Jenna D, a porn star and a philanthropist. The author did an amazing work in designing the characters. I liked how he unfolded the story, one detail at a time. The book talks about a lot of things which can be considered rather scandalous in our society to discuss. The subthemes include sex, sexuality, sex education, porn and sexual awareness in general. There is a scene in the book where Jenna holds a sex ed seminar in a high school and answers the question of teenagers who are clueless to many things which I really liked. I liked how the protagonist has lived both in India and America. He has seen the cultural change and has been vocal about it with his mother who is very religious. The title of the book and its beautiful cover go with the content inside. The language is easy to comprehend. The story is simple yet impactful. It takes you on a journey as Ifran meets with Jenna and tries to understand what she has in store. He has a lot of interesting opinions too. The story has interesting characters and keeps you hooked. I loved how Ifran understands his mother and her upbringing which is very different from what he grew up with in the end of the book. I am always up for good character development in stories. Overall, I liked the book very much and hope people read it and understand that your sexuality is only yours to own and explore despite anything people or the society says. The author did a great job writing about this controversial topic. I would love to read his future works too.

Book Blurb

Like many immigrants, twenty-four-year-old Ifran straddles two worlds. Although he’s assimilated to life in the United States, he’s still deeply rooted in his Indian culture and Muslim faith. At times he feels like an outsider, but working as a journalist for LA Daily is the perfect opportunity to broaden his horizons. Ifran’s first assignment is to interview a woman arrested for showing an anti-Islamic movie at a gay-pride parade.

When he arrives at the prison, Ifran is shocked to learn that the defendant, Jenna, is actually a burgeoning porn star. She insists that she’s innocent and that the film promotes same-sex marriage while discussing opposing religious beliefs. Even more surprising is Ifran’s fascination with Jenna. He can’t help but be intrigued by her confidence and passion for promoting sexual awareness—even if he thinks differently.

With more research, Ifran discovers that Jenna uses porn as her platform to convey deeper messages of empowerment and acceptance. It’s a unique approach, and he convinces his editors to let him write a full story. As Ifran immerses himself in Jenna’s world, however, he soon discovers another side of himself—one that may be more open minded about women and sexuality than he originally thought.

About the Author

Saurab Kumar was born and raised in India. During his time in the merchant navy as an engineer, he had many opportunities to travel. In 2011, he moved to the United States. Kumar attended the Stella Adler Academy of Acting to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. Eventually, he discovered his true calling: storytelling. Kumar lives happily in Austin with his wife and their daughter. When not writing, Saurab works with the little ones as a Montessori teacher.

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That’s it for today guys. I hope you liked the review. Until next time, happy reading!😊


Pretty Little Poems -Book Review

Hello everyone! How are ya’ll doing this holiday season? I have exams going on but that’s life. I am back with another book review. Let’s get started.

Name- Pretty Little Poems

Author- Shreya Gupta

Format- Paperback

Genre- Poetry

Pages- 121

My Rating- 3.5⭐/5⭐

My Review

Pretty Little Poems is a compilation of small write ups describing thoughts that cross our minds daily. The book is a short read. I skimmed through it in half an hour. It is much like talking to someone and hearing their thoughts. The language used is very simple which makes this book ideal for a beginner. The cover of the book is simple and pleasing. The write ups are short and pretty as the title suggests. I liked the raw feelings in the book. It looked like the poems are scribbled on first thought. The poems don’t have any specific genre. They are all put together in a random fashion which I liked reading. There are a few grammatical errors in the book which was a little disappointing but the content is good for the first attempt. I will recommend it to anyone who is looking for a short read or someone who loves short instagram write ups. I always say that small things and feelings matter a lot so I would congratulate the author for penning down little thoughts and the simplicity of life. We all love the easy and enjoyable levels in a game between some hard ones, don’t we? This is a book to enjoy when you are quite at your leisure.

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That’s it for today guys! Thanks to the author for sending me the review copy in exchange for an honest review.

Until next time, happy reading!😊


Through My Eyes -Book Review

Hello everyone! How are ya’ll doing? I am back with another book review. Let’s get into it.

Name- Through My Eyes
Author- Pritha Jain
Genre- Poetry
Pages- 38
My Rating- 4⭐/5⭐

My Review

Through My Eyes is a collection of short poems. It is the debut book of the author. Each poem brings a beautiful illustration along with it and I love illustrations a lot. The poems don’t have a specific genre. They are about being a girl, love, nature, connecting with oneself and many other important things. The author potrays many emotions in her words which are simple yet impactful. The issues discussed are intense and important to talk about. I loved the raw feelings that the author tried to convey in her poems. I read the book while I was travelling and the words consumed my state of mind so amazingly that I was lost for a bit. The cover of the book is gorgeous and the title goes completely with the content inside. Overall, it is a quick read and I would definitely recommend it to everyone who is looking for a short read.


This book comprises of poems, most of which deal with the bitter realities of life. Some describe the beautiful nature that God has bestowed upon us. Some talk about the unseen and less talked about strengths of women.

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That’s it for today guys. Thanks to the author for sending me a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Until next time, happy reading!😊



Hello everyone! How are y’all doing? I am here with a giveaway for you. This giveaway is open to participate on my Instagram account.

Two winners will win a copy of ‘Walks Through Life: Stories’ each.

Thanks to the author for sending me the copies of this lovely book.

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That’s it for today guys. Please do participate. I will see you soon. Until next time, happy reading!😊


Walks Through Life -Book Review

Hello everyone! How are y’all doing? I am back with another spoiler free book review. Let’s get into it!

Name- Walks Through Life

Author- Santhosh K. Komaraju

Genre- Fiction/Short Stories

Pages- 198

Publisher- Notion Press

Ratings- 3.5⭐/5⭐

My Review

The book is a collection of 9 short stories. All stories teach you something good in a unique way. This is the debut book of the author and a very good one at that. The language used is refined and can be a bit intense to read if you are new to reading. The cover of the book is amazingly designed giving the look of a maze which can be synonymous to our life. The title goes with the content inside completely. The book overall doesn’t have a genre. Each story is different from the other and equally fascinating to read. I felt that the author wanted to give his readers 9 lessons in these stories. The book uses metaphors to explain things which I found was beautiful. I love reading lengthy books and short stories both but many of my friends say they become distracted while reading a book and leave it in between. This book is a great solution for that as it offers well developed fictional stories which are short so, they can be read after a break. The stories are well written. I found them a little overstretched at times but the ending in each one was worth the wait so it was not a big issue. It is a spoiler free review so I won’t reveal much about the stories but I can assure you that all of them are thought inducing and heartfelt. It can be a little hard to start this book but it will be easy to finish and ponder about it for hours. I would love to read more works by the author and recommend this book to everyone.

Find that majestic mango, your problem will be solved—a mystic ordered an individual who asked for help. My ax is my guru—declared a woodcutter. Instead of preparing a plan to kill it, why can’t we offer help? —a villager questioned in the middle of the assembly. I could not be relieved even after undertaking efforts to end my life—a scholar declared in public. Can you be my mother?—a boy requested of a pretentious lady. I wish I had more life to undo my past—a mischief-maker contemplated in his letter. I would never relinquish them, even if I had to sacrifice my life—a young prince swore putting his life on the shore. I was chained by limitations, yet I prevailed—a butcher made a victorious cry. You climbed up the ladder. I did not. Who reached the top?—a brother questioned his sibling who cried for help. Walks Through Life is a collection of stories in which each story reverberates the same principle of truth in its own unique ways. These are stories serving as plain reminders of the supreme learning that was handed over to us a long time ago.

About the Author

All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”

—Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

When Santhosh encountered the above quote that came from a reputable American author, it strengthened his intentions to write. Though he utilized that as a foundation for his writings, he wasn’t confident that a truth could be easily written. Because a truth for him is such an entity that can be easily understood, but the realization seemed hard. That posed a challenge for him as he began to write. Several questions followed. Nevertheless, he continued and wanted to see where he would head. Fortunately, that questioning fueled his writing engine, instead of burning his aspirations. This resulted in his debut book—Walks Through Life: Stories.

The inspiration behind his writing comes from his interaction with Hindu mythology. He believes that mythology does not just offer historical events but, rather, a set of valuable lessons that are often interwoven within the details. He chose story writing as a medium to bring out those learnings. He intends to continue his writing in this regard.

Currently Santhosh lives in Greer, SC, USA, along with his wife and two sons.

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That’s is it for today! I hope you liked the review, don’t forget to check out the book on Amazon if you did. I will be back with another review soon. Until next time, happy reading!😊